The Color Company Founders: 

Courtney Taylor- Designer: Angel Court Jewels 

How is life for you?
AMAZING... i'm right where i should be.

What is something you hold dearly?
family, friends, memories, TRAVEL, and the puppies.

Name something you would like to do before you die?
hike the inca trail and walk into machu picchu at dawn.

What's your worst pet peeve?
making your flight attendant ask if you want cream & sugar, in your coffee (you know you want it, so just ask for it).  i was a flight attendant in my past life.

When I wake up in the morning...
i have bed head, and i'll wake up early just so i can spend a hour with my coffee & computer. 

Where do you want to be right now?
i'd rather not say...

What is your motivation?
i'm creative by nature, so i continue to start businesses that provide me with a creative outlet.
Love or lust?
i believe in LOVE, but i'm not sure you can have true love without a little lust.

What are you wearing right now?
drive by truckers t-shirt,  jeans, converse, & my favorite striped knee socks.

Where do you live?
Meridian, Mississippi/ hotels... i'm always on the road with Angel Court.

Where did you grow up?
Meridian, Mississippi

What's your sign?
i love my sign... i'm a TAURUS/ TIGER.  it really fits my personality!

Sound track of your life or top 5 songs?
MAGIC- Olivia Newton John (1st album i was given)
EYE OF THE TIGER- Survivor (1st album i bought)
YOU DROPPED A BOMB ON ME- (1st song i can remember dancing to)
CACTUS- Pixies (my favorite band & what i would consider my favorite love song) 

i'm not saying these are great songs, just great memories!  i could sum it all up with just one song- "GIRLS JUST WANNA HAVE FUN"

Favorite recipe?
i don't have one, i'd rather experiment.

Your favorite beauty tip?
just buy the drugstore stuff! 

I can't live without?
half & half/ pliers

Favorite piece of clothing?

Last ebay purchase?
deer skins

Your favorite object?
my jackalope...he makes me smile!

Reggie Thomas- Photographer: Zobleu Photography

People would say that I am...
A person who has an unusual, peculiar, and odd personality with strange behavior patterns, I suppose.

How is life for you?
Super, way too much fun. I don't have much, but I share what I have; life.

Name something you would like to do before you die...
Hike The Way of St. James, Appalachian Trail, first photographer on the moon, and figure women out.

Soundtrack of your life or top 5 songs?
Wedding Song by Love as Laughter
Hotcha Girls by Ugly Casanova
Expanding Anyway by Morning Teleportation
Cabin Fever by Mimicking Birds
The Field by Mason Jennings
     …in no particular order.
Soundtrack of my life is: Modest Mouse

What do you do or want to do when you grow up?
Live a simple, unadorned life; perfect beauty. A skateboarding grand parent, perhaps?

I can't live without...
Mello Yello

I'm totally terrified...
of walking sticks. wtf

What are you wearing right now?
Black Dickie shorts, gray American Apparel t-shirt, black socks, black Vans, red Patagonia beanie and whitey tighties. : )

What's your sign?
Leo, the fifth sign of the zodiac! ..whatever that means.

Where are you from?
m, eye, crooked letter, crooked letter, eye, crooked letter, crooked letter, eye, pee pee, I.

Love or lust?

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