March 21, 2013

Hal & Mal's Street Dance

A Street Dance at Hal & Mal's
Michael Kiwanuka
Alabama Shakes
and others.

I instantly fell for the Alabama Shakes while reading an article in American Songwriter. According to my iTunes, I’ve listened to “Hold On” 1705 times. Crazy, I know! I’ll be forever in debt to Malcolm White for the opportunity to cover one of the coolest bands, ever!

I was on pins and needles waiting on Reggie to return from the Gulf Coast. Sorry, I wasn’t very nice to “Mr. I’m Running Late.” I feel guilty now, but I had to ditch my friends, and the parade to get this story. I will confess, that I did agree to stop for a cheese burger on the way. :)   ...yum.

It took forever to find a parking spot. Thanks Google. Mysteriously, someone already picked up my media pass at will call, but Reggie convinced them that I was the ‘real’ Courtney. We squeezed our way through the crowd, jumped the fence, and did what we do best. Enjoy.


Hal & Mal's
Alabama Shakes
Michael Kiwanuka
Sam Doores + Riley Downing & the Tumeblweeds

March 16, 2013
Photography: Reggie Thomas

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  1. I adore your photography. Thank you for sharing it.