January 20, 2013

Amy & Camille Flurry

Amy Flurry- Writer, Editor, & Stylist
with daughter
Camille Flurry- Trapeze Artist, Knitter, & Potter
In the Studio- Athens, Georgia



Amy Flurry is a writer, editor and stylist for 18 years with work featured in InStyle, Conde Naste Traveler, Paste, House Beautiful, Country Living, and Daily Candy.  Flurry served as a contributing editor to Lucky Magazine for six years and is the author of the new DIY publicity book for creative entrepreneurs, "Recipe for Press, pitch your story like the pros and create a buzz!"

In addition to her editorial work, Flurry provides brand consulting and writing for a mix of fashion and lifestyle clients.  In 2010, Flurry co-founded Paper-Cut-Project, a company that conceives art direction and highly crafted installations in paper.  Their work has been featured in the NYT, Italian Vouge, Nylon, and Marie Claire Taiwan.

Name something you would like to do before you die...
A Paper-Cut-Project installation with a two-year timeframe!  My partner and I want to work on something really large.

What do you do?
I motivate people to share what they do!  I get involved in my community.  I love.

Who is your style icon?
Italian stylist Giovanna Battaglia, who I had the extraordinary fortune to work with on a shoot for Italian Vogue (she used eight of Paper-Cut-Project's wigs for a fashion spread).

What is the soundtrack of your life or top five songs?
Latent/Blatent, by Vic Chesnutt
Lonely Avenue, by Ray Charles
Dress, by PJ Harvey
Old Glory, by Harvey Milk
That's How Strong My Love Is, by Otis Redding

I can't live without...my journal.  It's a catchall for ideas, a place to begin letters, a keeper of dreams and it's home to many interviews, sketches, and stories.  And I love living with paintings and books.  Andy Cherewick, http://andycherewick.com, is an all-time favorite painter and is probably the painter most represented on our walls at home.  On our selves: DH Lawrence, Orhan Pamuk, Henry Miller,
Bill Moyers, Marjorie Williams, James Baldwin.  New on my e-shelf, my husband, Alan Flurry's book, Cansville.

People would say that I am...
You can't ask that!

Love or Lust?

What is your idea of freedom?
A huge, light-filled studio with weeks on end of uninterrupted time in it to start and complete projects!

Favorite beauty tips...
Sleep.  I could use more of that!
A good facial every two months.  I am pretty faithful.
Long walks in the woods to fill the lungs with fresh air and to clear my head.

Where did you grow up?
Americus, Georgia, which is about ten miles from Plains where Jimmy Carter lives.  Long red dirt roads and cotton and peanut fields dotted the landscape of my youth. 

Links or websites you want us to know about?
My do it yourself PR site for creative entrepreneurs www.recipeforpress.com

My art project www.paper-cut-project.com

My husband, Alan's new e-novel, Cansville, can be found on this site: http://www.alanflurry.com

Dreamboat: the new band of a good friend that is getting all sorts of buzz, http://www.dreamboatsound.com

Camille Flurry- age 10

What do you do, or want to do when you grow up?
I want to be an artist, not like a painter, but someone who makes things.  I may possibly have my own store on Etsy and attend local craft markets.

Top Five favorite songs...
Tighten Up: The Black Keys
Lonely Boy: The Black Keys
Paradise: Coldplay
Island in the Sun: Weezer
Happy Ever After: Lera Lynn

What is your favorite piece of clothing?
A Kara-line dress by my Portland friend and designer, Kara Larson.

Beauty tip...
Make sure you take care of your body and get your nails done once in a while.

I can't live without...
Lambie, which is a stuffed lamb of my mom's when she was a kid and now I sleep with it.

Your favorite hobby?
Knitting and trapeze

January 13, 2012
Photography: Courtney Taylor assisted by Monica O'Flaherty
Editing: Reggie Thomas


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